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We would put on our gloves and give the bag a few whacks as part of a circuit routine. We retired our bag early in our marriage, but the recent resurgence of boxing as a popular fitness activity has made my hands itch for those gloves. Every workout features nine, three-minute rounds. Customers can show up and start whenever they want, and trainers are available to instruct on proper form and provide modifications, as needed.

The idea is to get in, get a killer sweat on, and get out, all while maximizing your time in the gym while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. At 18 he started amateur boxing and kickboxing, racking up a lot of fights and experience, eventually making it onto the U. It was while he was working at the karate school that he had the idea of the minute kickboxing workout routine. He borrowed money, maxed out his credit cards and hung out a banner in Within a month he had more than members, and in he began franchising his business.

If you want to show up at 5: The bell rings every three minutes, so you can start when you get there. Facilities are only 1, square feet.

They give fist bumps and high fives. When we recruit franchisees, we look for people who have a love for fitness and have fantastic personalities that people can connect with. What we teach is exactly what they need to know.

Personality, work-ethic and a drive to help people get fit is what we look for in our franchisees. We get people laughing to break down the intimidation factor. Essentially, each round featured a designated exercise followed by the same number of burpees as the round number.

For instance, on round three I performed a series of 30 punches followed by three burpess, then 30 more punches, followed by three more burpees, continuing for the full three-minute round. On round four I would have performed four burpees after each exercise. Each round lasts three minutes, with 30 seconds between rounds. During the burpee workout, the 30 seconds was designated for rest, but when J. The rounds themselves were filled with punching, kicking and jumping exercises — we even added wall squats and ab exercises to the mix.