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What NeuCoin wants to bring to the cryptocurrency world is a consumer-focused, well-funded, transparent and experienced cryptocurrency option backed by credible investors with a long term plan to increase utility and value.

As the first digital currency to be strategically distributed to reward and incentivize all participants who increase its utility and value, NeuCoin has generated much buzz among crypto-currency enthusiasts. Interview with co-founder Dan Kaufman Thank you for chatting with us Thank you for having us! Tell us about the Presale pricing of the NeuCoin tokens? These re-sale restrictions were put in place to ensure that the founding team and strategic angels are committed to the successful development of NeuCoin over the long term.

What market cap does the Presale put NeuCoin at? How will NeuCoin use the proceeds from the Presale? All this has already been funded and largely built.

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What does it mean to you to have investors from companies of such caliber contribute to NeuCoin? Having such high caliber investors of course means a lot for the project.

They have the same consumer focus as we do, we know them well and have worked with many of them in the past, all successful entrepreneurs, executives and investors — from tech companies putting the consumer experience front and center, just like NeuCoin. Our investors were invited to invest based on their ability to forge strategic partnerships and help drive consumer adoption.

Their support and advice will be invaluable for getting NeuCoin to reach mainstream adoption. We have a very good relationship to Peercoin. What makes the NeuCoin team cautious about Bitcoin? We think cryptocurrency is the greatest invention since the Internet itself, and Bitcoin obviously pioneered that.

Not surprisingly, for all its buzz and media attention, Bitcoin has made very little headway in six years of existence in terms of consumer adoption. Also, Bitcoin has looming issues with centralization, the probability of higher transaction fees in the long run — and an increasing divergence of interests between corporate miners and holders in general. Looking at Ripple and, more recently Stellar, we saw there were alternative technologies that would let you use coin distribution as a strategic tool for growth and adoption.

Our secure Proof-of-Stake design, recently laid out in our page white paper, solves all these problems. NeuCoin is as secure as Bitcoin, less centralized and certainly more cost-efficient.

Interview with co-founder Dan Kaufman

The technology enables us to distribute the currency in a way that facilitates growth and adoption: NeuCoin is focused on making micropayments super easy and fun for regular users.