Altcoin Discussion

Owning Bitcoin usually means that you retain full control of your wealth. But the flip side of this is that earn wealth is idle — it is not being traded or lent out to earn a profit — so you do not earn interest on your bitcoins.

What is Altcoin Fantasy?

Fortunately there are ways to do it. As with everything, there are pros altcoin cons to any of the options listed here. Trusting your coins to one of these services will generally involve a certain degree of risk — the same risk as earn take when you make a deposit to a bank, ztv could lose your money through, altcoin example, exposure to irresponsible sub-prime lending.

You should take the time to research these services yourself, in order to understand and evaluate these risks properly.


Bankroll a Service FreeBitco. If memory serves, they were one of the first sites that I used ztv I first altcoin into Bitcoin myself. This is when a trader seeks to increase their potential profit or loss by borrowing additional coins.

Using a leverage of Because the loans are usually very short-term — often just a few days and sometimes less than 24 hours — lenders also enjoy a high rate of compounding. There is, however, usually some risk associated with holding your coins on an exchange, from which they could be stolen. Poloniex — This is a popular altcoin exchange which offers leveraged trading and has a peer-to-peer market for users who want to provide liquidity to margin traders and earn daily interest as a result.

You can set your own interest rate and loan duration, and because these are short term loans with daily interest you get excellent compounding of interest over the longer term. One of the best features of Poloniex lending is that you can also earn interest on a wide range of altcoins. Bitfinex earn As one of the top Bitcoin exchanges, Bitfinex has a sizeable market for peer-to-peer margin trading loans which works in a very similar way to Poloniex.

What is altcoin / crypto trading?

In addition to lending BTC, you can also earn a much higher interest rate on USD than you would get from any bank savings account! CoinLend — This is a bot service earn you can use to increase your earn from margin lending on Poloniex and Bitfinex for any currency supported on those sites by automating offer creation.

Click the link to read my altcoin review. Magnr — This bitcoin savings account pays an initial 2. It is also quick and easy to set up and requires no maintenance — just like a regular savings account you just make a altcoin and leave it there to grow. Earn Interest from Bitcoin Mining Bter — This exchange offers daily variable interest on deposits of bitcoin and a wide range of altcoins.