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StumbleUpon Passive income is the holy grail of income generation. For smart cryptocurrency investorsthis is the best way to keep making a lot of money without even lifting a finger. Some cryptocurrency investors have mastered the art of passive income generation from their cryptocurrency portfolios. This is what most people do when they buy cryptocurrencies.

They just buy the quantity they want and hold on for dear life HODL until the price appreciates to a satisfactory level.

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This is the most common source of passive income in the sense that you can easily sell off parts of your portfolio if the market is bullish. This will work if you have an excellent portfolio and got in when the coin was just beginning to take off.

This particular strategy requires skill and timing. In fact, timing is everything with this strategy. Cryptocurrency Mining The second most popular passive income generating strategy, crypto mining involves the purchase of and use of a mining hardware to mine those coins and get paid in the process.

The most popular cryptocurrency mined is bitcoin. This in part, is due to the increased complexity of problem solving as well as the reduced reward per block. Beforebitcoin rewarded miners with 25 BTC per block mined. That has dropped now to So, smart miners are beginning to switch to mining alternative coins like ethereum and Litecoin using designated application specific integrated circuits ASICs that are dedicated to mining just those types of coins. To use these services, all you have to do is pay them to mine on your behalf.