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Trading on margin means borrowing money in order to increase the exposure to altcoin certain market to benefit more on the price changes.

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You can check days ICO Calendar for the newest altcoins, or just follow the Bitcoin Talk forum thread about emerging altcoins. Each have its unique feature which gained them popularity among others. Altcoins have the similar background as bitcoin, they are all based on blockchain technology although different technical algorithms and features are associated with each altcoin. Poloniex is specified at altcoin trading. Some of the altcoins have a supporting community behind them which facilitates the marketing activity of the coins.

Due to the high volatility of the altcoin markets, the trading profits can be higher compared to forex trading trade even compared trade bitcoin trading. The idea behind altcoins is that any community can have their own digital currency. Tutorials on margin trading can be found on BitcoinTradingSites.

Active Markets

Many altcoins have a decentralized nature and does not have a leading body, while others are owned by private companies. Couple of exchanges apply days maker-taker fee schedule, which gives discount to those traders who provides liquidity on the market and charge fees to those who are taking the orders from the order book.

Altcoin trading works similar to the forex trading, so general background knowledge of the forex markets can be beneficial for new traders. Altcoin apply a volume based maker-taker fee schedule..