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The original setup has often been prone to shimmy and other problems and provides minimal suspension value, especially on rougher fields. Several of us have replaced the springs with the new T3 suspension and the results are dramatic. This article is intended to provide some information about options for mounting the new setup and some thoughts about the process.

Please note that while I have a lot of positive feedback to report on this mod, I do not work for Supercubs North or T3 or Dan Dufault, and I have no stake in this other than to give the rest of you info on my experience. Advertisement The original tailwheel mounting on the GlaStars and most Sportsman used two brackets to contain and support the springs.

The T3 suspension can be installed using either of these earlier arrangements. In every case, you should be able to use your original tailwheel probably Alaska Bushwheel? Whichever setup you plan to use, it affects only the aft mounting point. The forward mount uses the same bracket and bolt as either factory setup.

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Each of the three different aft mounting setups will include a lateral bolt that passes through the T3 suspension frame. If you have the old two-bracket system or the two-bolt system, and you choose to keep your setup, you will need to get with Dan to order the correct configuration and make sure the dimensions are correct for your airplane.

In my case, I had the old brackets and wanted to get rid of them in any case. Most of the information below will focus on that setup. Saddle mount Diagrams of the fore and aft mounts. If you are going to convert from one of the other mount setups, just fill the old holes and drill the new ones. When I got mine, the holes in the wings were not drilled, but I think the new ones may be pre-drilled.