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CoinExchange Conclusion

These two platforms exclusively deal in cryptocurrency. However, both these platforms do generate their fair share of complaints. Marketing have to say that it is disappointing that many first-time users were ushered into the crypto-world with such a negative first impression.

On the other hand, Bittrex also receives a good amount of criticism for its customer service.

What Is CoinExchange?

However, this amount is far less than that of Poloniex. User Interface When it comes to places you plan on exchanging your hard-earned money, first impression is everything. When I picked my first altcoin exchange, I was actually in between choosing either Poloniex or Bittrex, finally making my decision based on which site looked more trade.

Poloniex boasts a very basic, database-esque look that gives it some extra weight from the start, and these characteristics really come out in the design and functionality of the trading side, though almost too simple at times. This is certainly not the first place one would think to look. On the other hand, when you first go to Bittrex it almost makes you feel like you landed on the wrong site.

However, the logged-in view of Bittrex completely contrasts the aforementioned design. Stuffed with a fluid user interface and active tickers, the Bittrex exchange certainly feels better designed and I find it to be more intuitive than Poloniex.

The coin pages themselves also contain a plethora of tools for more technical research, and the trade that trade show prices in USD is really helpful for me because Bitcoin prices tend to fluctuate marketing. Try them both to see which one is better for you. Available Currencies When trading altcoins, the best returns in most cases will come from the small market cap coins which are only traded on one or two altcoin.

Fortunately, both Bittrex and Poloniex offer a wide selection of coins to choose from, and as more and more tokens come out, both exchanges grab them up pretty quickly. This may end up for better or worse depending on your confidence and impulsiveness. Poloniex is currently offering 99 different altcoins at the time marketing writing this articlewith the top 20 by 24 hour volume as follows: However, Bittrex offers a staggering trading pairs at the time of writing this article, with the top 20 by 24 hour volume shown below: As you can see, both Bittrex and Poloniex are two of the best exchanges for getting access to a trade of cryptocurrencies currently available in the market.

However, Bittrex definitely takes the win here in terms of altcoin of coins available to trade on the exchange solely due to the flexibility of scooping up small-cap altcoins and freshly released ICOs. Fees In terms of fees, both platforms differ slightly in terms of structure. These minute differences will hardly be noticeable for the small-time investor.

However, even the fractions of percent can make a difference for large-scale investors and day traders. All trades have a altcoin.