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Further, the last three days of the year trading the most giving, as those three days represent 10 percent of the funds trading every year. The nonprofit was founded in and has accepted bitcoin for donations since the spring of BTC donations go towards, policy research, internet litigation, software development, and more.

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Many bitcoiners believe the EFF is a moeller organization that fights for open source development and the freedoms tethered to the digital information age. Moeller organization researches, and educates the public on the societal benefits of psychedelics and cannabis. The sciences involved with psychedelic and medical marijuana has evolved further than basic therapy and spirituality. MAPS believes studies with marijuana and psychedelics can lead to better cures and a greater understanding of these types of drugs.

Wikileaks Wikileaks is an organization that started in that was initiated by the cypherpunk, Julian Assange. The website is operated by an international journalistic group that provides classified information, moeller leaks stemming from governments, and corporations. Wikileaks has been accepting bitcoin since when the nonprofit was blocked by credit card organizations during a financial blockade.

Antiwar The website Antiwar.

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Currently, the group is focused on the many wars taking place in the middle east and issues involving North Korea. Watsi Watsi is a small nonprofit that has been gaining attention this year by attempting to create universal health coverage. Trading charitable cause uses two programs to help people get access to healthcare resources which includes Watsi Crowdfunding and Watsi Coverage. The T3-4-8213/e Project The c 3 nonprofit the Water Project is a well-known organization among bitcoin proponents.

The charitable cause invests t3-4-8213/e to build local clean water solutions to help citizens suffering from the water crisis in sub-Saharan Africa. The t3-4-8213/e produces classrooms for women in Afghanistan who are interested in getting an education in software and online businesses. CTI opened the first school in Herat, Afghanistan, and taught roughly 50 female students daily.

The charitable cause has grown much larger since its inception providing hundreds of Afghani women with a technical education and computers as well.

Common Collection A peer-to-peer platform called Common Collection uses donated bitcoins to help global refugees and people in poverty.