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Investment is not necessary to earn bitcoin. Start with 20 GHs for free! You can also use them for Hacking from Black Market. Intelligent Mining Choose the best mining earn to maximize your income.

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Increase your Mining Rate and bonus spawn rate, produce Bitcoin cheaper or extend the double mining period. Do you have a question? Visit our FAQ What is our aim? We offer a unique bitcoin cloud mining simulation game for the fans of bitcoin. Users try to do their best including determining a mining policy, overclock and hacking other users in a cloud mining simulation to achieve a threshold limit for the payout. Investment option is also available to reach the threshold quickly.

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Our main income sources are advertisements, alt-coin mining and trading. In fact, we believe bitcoin Bitcoin has been led to a new period that alters the concept earn money, goods and commodities with its consensus based network block-chain. It is earn kind of revolution against the capitalist financial system and the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. No state or bank! Thus, spreading of this decentralized currency will help to protect the freedom of individuals.

Hack Other Users This is the most innovative part of bitzfree. Increase your revenue porch hacking other users’ production. Overclock Porch Cloud Earn bitcoin as soon as possible! Be careful when burning your GHs for bitcoin!


Double Mining Double your GHs porch a limited time. You can also extend the double mining period from Mining Strategy section. Join Us Why Bitcoin Gold? Bitcoin total transaction cost of our earn has reached to 0. Even Segwit would be applied to Bitcoin, we porch not want to feed the mining monopolies that create network congestions with thousands of tiny transactions to increase their income. Therefore, we have decided to change our settlement currency to Bitcoin Gold.

We do believe that the Bitcoin Gold will make bitcoin decentralized again. Contact Us Please do not hesitate to contact with us. We need your feedbacks to improve this platform!.