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The team has united behind the idea of creating a new society of free and happy people. We seek to represent progress, development and forward movement. Sparta exemplified the ideal state described by the philosopher Plato. The fee is as low as possible and changes depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the launch. It was introduced solely for the purpose of protecting against spam transactions.

The operation of the network can be supported by ordinary computers. Worthwhile reward for forging. A miner who creates a block is rewarded with the sum of all the transaction fees in the block. If certain conditions are satisfied, a miner also receives a guaranteed reward in the form of newly created SPA tokens.

The reward per block changes everyblocks. The initial reward is 8, SPA for each block.

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To protect against malicious users, tokens affect the ability to create blocks only one day after they have been credited 1, blocks. Transactions are deemed safe after 10 confirmations 10 minutes. Blocks are generated once per minute. There are transactions in 1 block. The network capacity is as follows: All coins will be issued for circulation on stock exchanges, and the proceeds will go toward growing the cryptocurrency. The issue will not end before A mnemonic seed mnemonic phrasea set of several unrelated words, is used to generate the address.