High Frequency Trading on the Coinbase Exchange

Now for a few things I found out the hard way: I didn’t really find out about other cryptos until I realized how shitty the gtx is at mining ETH.

Like it is worse than the The GDDR5X memory that the and ti come with are terrible with mining memory intensive coins. I’ve done lots of reading on it and still have never found a straight answer as to why this memory is so great for games but bad for mining. The gtxti can skirt around this a little bit though because it has such massive memory bandwidth.

And this lesson leads me to the next: Mining 2 currencies at once is for the birds. When other coins would become more profitable, then I would switch, but it is a giant hassle having to calculate profitability on 2 different coins for your multiple cards.

It also makes it difficult to use algo switching miners because they will only launch one miner at a time. And not to mention different overclock settings to manage.

Recently I ended up buying an IK on ebay. Cryptonight mining is based on your L3 cache. The Bronze series offers good value. Take note also that under-clocking the S5 is challenging in the absence of a special, 9 Volt-capable PSU. Remember to use your local power rate, preferred mining pool and your intended price to buy your S5 by the time you do your own calculations.

Shark infested waters

Take note that the Block Reward will halve to The probability of solo-mining a block with a single or even several S5s are virtually zero. The results are, as expected, very nonprofitable: Red bracketed numbers indicate negative returns.

Power Efficiency For every 0. This figure can be expressed as 0. It’s like so many microbes competing in the primordial ooze. Entering into this environment, I had to be immediately cognizant of other bots. Algorithmic traders need to occupy a particular niche.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison

They profit from market inefficiencies.