Bitcoin = Death Processors

But what is bitcoin value and what is the nature of the work? The answers are bizarre because they are nonsensical. By crossing an invented computational abyss, millions of computers and other machines, many of which have been secretly compromised by hacks, are working full tilt, around the clock… to simply generate a deeper abyss requiring ever-more powerful and numerous computers to cross.

These numbers are not exactly money, and their actual value is more complex than cash. And the machines must be serviced, cooled, attended and backed-up, as must the results of their nearly useless hyperactivity.

Most participants are using machines specially designed to resolve these invented computational targets, and as we make faster computers to do this, the network amplifies the difficulty to throttle the pulse. What is all this about? To understand money, one must begin to understand its sources. Perhaps the most fundamental of such introductions is the direct and fascinated observation of animals in nature.

The origins of money and memory are in nature; exploring them has profound implications for own developing creativity and intelligence. Some predators may also cache food briefly meat tends to go bad or get eaten by other creatures who can sense its presence. So, too, ants, wasps, bees and other social insects. This is actually a mode of living memory. Notice the homonomy here? Our relationships with environmentally accessible resources and caching are not merely the beginning of our monetary systems, they are the probable origin point of the peculiar forms of memory and cognition that are the hallmark of our species.

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And money is an abstraction of dead people, places, and moments. Our kind of mind was born in forests and places fraught with elaborate relational constellations of biodiversity and symbiotic intelligence. Alas, the nominal treasure we acquired there went haywire, and now we have nearly wiped those places off the map and erased them from our experience. What was their replacement? A representation of cached value, extensible to nearly any common domain of exchange.

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Most of the time… that means that someone, or some ecology somewhere, is being wiped out. The results are representational forms of wealth and power. What there are, are sheets of paper, ingots of gold, diamonds, and little banks of numbers… in machines.

We keep track of them. Who is wealthy and who bereft. We imagine these numbers to be true, just, inviolable. But we do not really understand the valuations or applications we celebrate and avow as real; there are always many aspects of value with crucial bearing on any analysis that we leave out of our accounting.