Bitcoin [BTC] Price Rally Might be Temporary – Ethereum World News

JP Buntinx May 27, 2: There are numerous discussions regarding Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash fees in this regard.

It now seems the average Bitcoin transaction cost is lower than that of BCH. As is usually the case, such a temporary snapshot can look very different in a few hours. In fact, the BHC costs have been relatively flat for quite some time now.

Bitcoin fees have been lower than BCash fees in the last 6 hours.

Bitcoin is Set for Another Price Plunge

An interesting development, albeit one that only tells a small part of the story. The screenshot itself shows these fees for Bitcoin have spiked just an hour or two prior. Why that sudden increase took place, remains a bit unclear at this time. When timing transactions correctly, that may be the case temporarily.

Additionally, users with patience can still send transactions at 1 Satoshi per byte. It may take several hours to confirm, but it is another interesting option worth exploring. When looking at the bigger picture, however, BCH remains the cheaper option by quite a margin. The Debate Continues As is usually the case when trends like these are pointed out, the public backlash is palpable.

Bitcoin Cash supporters do not take kindly to this development. However, they also point out how their average TX fee is 0.