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Is Bitcoin legal in India?

Lately the Bitcoin Exchanges in India have started insisting on submitting your Aadhar details. This is hardly surprising since Aadhar is getting Mandatory for everything like Bank Accounts, Phone Connectionetc. Please note that the above requirements are mainly for starting an account with the Indian Bitcoin Exchanges. However the peer-to-peer sites like LocalBitcoins India do not have most of the above requirements.

How much should I invest? Before investing in Bitcoins, you should have a good idea on the potential dangers of investing in Bitcoin. Bitcoins have already had a very good run till now.

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One important factor to note is that bitcoin price is mostly sentiment and news driven. So always keep an eye out for any upcoming news forks, etc and plan your investment strategically. Also there is no minimum amount to invest in Bitcoins.

Even though currently bitcoin prices are around 6 lakhs per bitcoin, you can even buy for as low as Our advice to the new entrants to bitcoin is that always start with a small amount of money.


So stay invested and keep updated. So take care and invest money whatever you are comfortable with. Once you get a hang of bitcoin trading, you can increase this as per your comfort level.

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