Facts About The Official “Do Not Use” List Jcaho Approved Medical Abbreviations

Blockchains and health could be a happy marriage across a multitude of applications. From robust interoperable health records to proof of medication adherence, opportunities abound to create new value and enhance health-related experiences. First, it’s important to know that Screenoritis is a troublesome condition. The prognosis isn’t fatal, but the symptoms of it are debilitating, ranging from sleeplessness to short-term memory loss.

It is both treatable and reversible, though the path to recovery is not easy.

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She loves her job as an animator and works way more than the average person. It’s Thursday afternoon, she’s totally worn out from a super challenging scene she just finished, and she decides to take a break. It’s beautiful outside, so she heads out for a run by the river. About two miles in, Jane starts to feel a bit nauseous and then lightheaded.

She slows to a walk, but even so collapses yards down the trail. A runner coming from the other direction finds Jane unresponsive on the ground and calls When the ambulance arrives, the EMTs scan the fitness band on Jane’s wrist to retrieve her HealthChain ID, a unique public identifier used for health information.

When Jane signed up for HealthChain, she created rules and named individuals who could verify access to her medical records. They then issue a broadcast on the HealthChain network, which automatically generates alerts to Jane’s four emergency contacts asking them to validate that the EMTs can access Jane’s records. Ten seconds later, after two of her contacts grant access, the EMTs are able to access her emergency health info. A few hours later, Jane wakes up in the hospital. She’s OK, but she’s shaken up and wants to understand what’s going on.

The doctor on call sits down with her to explain her encounter with Screenoritis. After reviewing some of the facts, the doctor asks if she’s willing to share her anonymized information in the public research repository — this has become standard practice, and she has no problem with it.

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She’s willing to share her medical history, pertinent data about the event she just experienced, and results from the tests they’re currently running.