Bitcoin’s plummet nears dot-com levels as many tokens go to zero – The Globe and Mail

As we explained in our groundbreaking book on this topic Splitting Bitsand on Zero Hedge in an exclusive articlewe believe the only possible creator of Bitcoin is the US Government itself, specifically the NSA.

Because of the size of the Bitcoin market now, and the new paradigm created, the creator of Bitcoin is relevant. People are borrowing against their k to invest in Bitcoin or start their own cryptoand we don’t even know the identity of the creator of this phenomenon?

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Well the CIA certainly couldn’t possibly kill anyone because it’s an entity, people use guns and guns kill people, not entities. It would be interesting indeed to unmask the real creators of Bitcoin, if they haven’t been retired or disappeared on their GS package.

Perhaps they are living it up with the witsec family, or have changed their face and are pursuing their hobbies whatever they may be. Whoever it is, it is likely a dead a buried secret.

Who knows how the market would react if the real creator came forward and ultimately liquidated the millions of bitcoin on the market. For those of you who don’t know, there are 42, zombie addresses of Bitcoin meaning they are not used but storing Bitcoin which can be seen publicly on the network, see here.

Wait a minute – 42 is the meaning to life, according to an AI computer that was built to answer the age old question ‘What is the meaning of life? Now we’re getting somewhere. Where are all the numerology nutjobs when you need them? Bitcoin is genius, perhaps the most intelligent creation of the digital age. It served several purposes: If you follow the thinking that Bitcoin was in fact a child of an NSA lab, you have to continue the thought that the US Government and more specifically the military is the first real form of Artificial Intelligence.

Billions of dollars are invested every year and we all complain about waste, and there is waste – but there is also Bitcoin. And unlike many successes of the intelligence apparatus, they will never be acknowledged, there will never be a statue in DC with the creator, never a parade. But such is the life of a spook. They signed up for it. But the monetary rewards and the real intellectual pleasure of watching this game play out are so rewarding well it cannot be bought with money.

Some things in government service are priceless, this is one – thank you Mr. You are the real hero, and heroes likely it was a team effort. There are some names on their paper but anything that is visible electronically in reference to the NSA can be assumed to be inaccurate, misleading, an intentional disinformation, or in any case a dead lead. But it’s worth having a look – click here to read it. Certainly no one is going to find out anything by searching Google! So more to the point, Bitcoin going lower before it goes higher, if it ever does.

In a market where money is chasing any higher returns than offered by the traditional markets – bubble psychology took off and fueled a historical hockey stick that will never repeat in crypto. It can only repeat in some other format – like Quantum computing or if Elon Musk finds Helium 3 on the moon for example.

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Remember investors that the only thing that drives the price of any asset higher is buyers.