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Be sure to put SQ on your list of must-watch bitcoin stocks. Bitcoin Stocks to Consider: Shutterstock You might be the type of person to never once consider cryptocurrency investments.

NVDA is your best bet.

But as one of the top bitcoin stocks, NVDA plays a critical role in the blockchain economy. Receiving these tokens, though, is a tough endeavor. As you might imagine, crypto-mining is a computer-intensive process.

To make mining profitable, miners need the fastest processors.

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GBTC is a controversial pick. Among bitcoin stocks, the GBTC truly earns that name. This also makes the GBTC a particularly eyebrow-raising idea in that this list is for bitcoin-haters. But please allow me a minute or two to explain myself.

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Admittedly, bitcoin has several variables with which several folks are simply not comfortable. Plus, bitcoin is very unforgiving in mundane issues such as forgetting passwords. I believe that while the volatility will continue, in bitcoin could begin to emerge as a payment system. Insurtech Insurers are finally waking up to the digital world and we will see the emergence of some exciting new models that will transform a staid industry.

We saw that insurtech was the buzzword in globally at conferences and in fintech research reports. We will start to see the rise of micro and on-demand insurance locally. We will also start to see more alternative models like Fo-sho a peer-to-peer insurance player or Cascade an alternative risk management model in insurance. Our existing insurance industry will not stay static; insurers are also jumping on the digitisation bandwagon.