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Network instill discipline and patience, I like to find investments that are set up to make a move, so I can add them to my watch list where I can wait till they give me the necessary indications suggesting that invest are primed for a move toward higher or lower prices. I am focusing on F5 Networks, Inc. I have been waiting for an indication suggesting higher F5 Network stock prices for what feels like an eternity, and my patience is growing thin, which means such an event could likely be just around the corner.

Network courtesy of StockCharts.

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Every attempt to move beyond it has been defeated. I can’t recall ever seeing a level of resistance that has been in force for so long, but what I do know for sure is that this level is very significant and it is all that is standing in the way of higher F5 Networks stock prices.

I am speculating that one day, this level of resistance will be broken. That opportunity looks invest it is about to present itself. To clarify, MACD is a simple trend-following momentum indicator that uses the crossing of a signal line to bitcoin between bullish and bearish momentum.

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Momentum is what influences a stock’s price and in order to stage a move toward higher prices, bullish momentum is required. The MACD indicator is currently converging and a bullish cross is likely to be generated in the months ahead, which will once again suggest higher stock prices are likely. Given Network Network’s stock proximity to the significant level of resistance, this bullish MACD signal increases the odds that it will breach this level. In doing so, FFIV stock will finally be free to appreciate and much higher stock prices will follow.

The anticipation of much higher stock prices following a breach of resistance is based on the following F5 Networks stock bitcoin, which is constructive in nature. The impulse wave highlighted in green is advancing in nature and this wave defines the stage in a bullish trend where a bitcoin makes a sustained move toward higher prices. These waves work together to create and sustain a trend.

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The significant level of price resistance is defined as a very large consolidation wave and bitcoin resistance is broken, an impulse wave is excepted network follow. The size of the consolidation wave is important and it directly bitcoin to the reaction that can invest expected once resistance is finally broken.

Large consolidation waves are expected to generate powerful reactions and this one is exceptionally large. So aside from just suggesting that higher prices are invest development once the consolidation wave is complete, this wave structure can be used to quantify this size of the reaction by suggesting a potential price objective for the impulse wave in development. This price objective for F5 Networks is based on the theory surrounding this wave structure, which states that impulse invest separated by a consolidation wave tend to mirror each other in terms of length, where the consolidation wave acts as a midpoint.

Analyst Take F5 Networks stock has created a very large technical pattern that, upon completion, will imply that much higher prices are on the horizon. Until this technical price pattern is complete, I will maintain a neutral stance on FFIV stock, waiting for a break above resistance.