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The crazy uptake in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptoasset prices has driven a major inflow of attention from tech and mainstream media. Since December last year, the value appreciation increases have been astronomical: In practice, you will need to open an account with one of the wallets or exchanges online. I got approached by my friend Diego early last week who found incredibly painful that there is no easy and elegant way to track your investment performance on Coinbase see Whatsapp message from Monday.

Coinbase is not very helpful with bringing ROI visibility. Usually, exchanges give you insights into your gains and losses of your portfolio. Investors and traders alike want to see how they do in comparison to the market.

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Even for long-term investors with lower transaction frequency, tracking your portfolio performance is difficult and there are not many free simple tools out there for beginners to start. The Blockfolio app is a good resource for tracking and there are more and more alternatives popping up on ProductHunt each week. However, they have limited functionality and are not very useful. It shows you the 1h, 24h, and 7 day change in prices and displays your current portfolio allocation among the assets you invested in similiar to what some wallets such as Exodus do so you can balance your portfolio with regular frequencies e.

That is an advanced version in case you want to invest in more cryptoassets beyond Coinbase. Step by step instructions: Go on my link to access the Google Sheet.

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You might need to enable your Google Sheet to run a the cryptofinance function and b the importjson functions. See instructions for a here thanks to Julien Buty and for b here thanks to Paul Gambill. The grey fields are formulas while the white fields are for your inputs. For each transaction, add a new row. Only enter the volumes for the 2 currencies fiat or crypto that were affected by the transaction columns I-P.