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Leave a comment The. Cashprimer is a unique peer to peer donation community. It is a community where you are given the opportunity to empower someone with any amount you can afford ranging from N to N7, After you indicate your willingness to empower someone, the Cashprimer system will merge you with someone.

You will see the name and bank account details of the person you are to empower. After you have been merged, you have 48 hours to make payment, failure to do So, your account will be blocked invest.

How Can You Invest in Bitcoin (Crypto)

After your payment has been confirmed, you can now request to be empowered yourself. When you request to be empowered, the system will also merge you with somebody. Your name and bank account information will be given to the person and you too will be able to see the name of the person that has m2m merged to pay you.

The person has 48hours invest pay you in most cases, payments are made in less than 24hours. At times in less than 5 hours, you will get the alert. Cashprimer community is very bitcoin and invest One unique feature of Cashprimer is that as soon as you empower someone and your payment has been confirmed, you can instantly request to be empowered and you will be merged.

You do not have to Wait for certain m2m of days like other platforms.

Why Bitcoin is Gaining Traction

This is why Cashprimer m2m is do huge and growing So rapidly. If you are not on Cashprimer, Then you are missing big time! There are other bitcoin features in Cashprimer bitcoin you need to know and take advantage m2m Below are m2m five levels: There are incentives you will get when you reach any of This levels, below are the incentives: How to get the points? There are ten activation channels you can choose from.

Each activation channel has points attached to it. Below are the list of activation channels and the points attached to Each one: Channel 1 For example, if you choose activation channel 4 Which is N Invest This, Your account will be activated and the points attached to that channel will be credited to your account.

Once your account is activated, you can now begin the process of empowering someone and getting empowered bitcoin. Referral Bonuses Cashprimer has exciting referral bonuses. Below are the referral bonuses you are entitled to: You also get extra points bitcoin your referrals. Cashprimer is So unique and it offers two ways of bitcoin for your activation channel.

You can ask for bank details by sending email to support cashprimer.