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They can be metaphorically viewed as the air our lungs require or as the oil all machines need.

A bold opportunity in the era of digital gold

Why are Bitcoin Savings Account that important? The money supplied through btc saving accounts fuels the hole money lending system. Without money lending, for example most of the cryptocurrency short trading would be impossible. How do Bitcoin Savings Accounts work?

How much would you like to invest?

Bitcoin savings account are more or less like normal banking accounts. You deposit a freely chosen amount of Bitcoin to your savings account like a Bitcoin Wallet and you start earning interest on your Bitcoins. Why Bitcoin Savings Accounts? Here are some of the benefits of Bitcoin Saving Accounts in comparison to normal banking accounts. Flexibility — you can access your Bitcoin without having any penalty like in the normal financial banking.

Bitcoin Savings Account Overview

Trading — With the savings account you also receive a bitcoin trading account. Simply transfer some balance and start trading cryptocurrencies. Banks normally pay yearly. Easy — You simply transfer some balance to your wallet and you start earning interest.

Blockchain Basics: What Are You Investing In?

Secure — Higher venture capital than normal financial institutes. Ordinary banks lend more money than they have as they posses risk-capital. If you know any more pros on bitcoin saving accounts, feel free to comment below. How do they guarantee us the Bitcoin Interest Rate? Since they work like banks, your bitcoin is getting lent to people paying higher interest rate i.

This way, they can assure winnings, which makes your money very safe. Calculation of the Bitcoin Interest Rate The most simple way of calculating the interest rate is:.