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If you want to make more money then you should know how to invest your money for maximum returns. You just could not spend money and expect to raise your savings. In order to raise your savings you need to know ways investing your money.

Every penny that you earn needs to be saved for your future. In this article, I tell you how to invest your 1 lakh rupees for better returns. It does not matter if the amount is more than Rslike Rsor RsSo these are following 10 ways to invest your Rsfor better returns. Bank Fixed Deposits and Tax Saver Bank Fixed Deposits The first two ways of investing your Rs lakhs lakh could be bank fixed deposits and the tax saver bank fixed deposits.

Bank fixed how you all know india it. As you all know bank failures in India are very rare. Moreover all rates are upfront so there are no hidden costs. Yes, tax could affect your returns if you fall in high tax bracket. Therefore, the second point Tax Saver Bank fixed deposit comes in handy. If you fall in high tax bracket then you could invest your money in Tax saver bank fixed deposits.

You would get tax benefits on your return but only problem is that your money is locked in for at least 5 years. So you can invest your money as per your income and the tax bracket you fall in.

Expected Returns Bank Fixed Deposits: It is very popular way to invest your money hence everybody is familiar with it. Monthly Income Scheme comes in handy if you are looking for a way that gives you a constant income on monthly basis. For example, monthly income scheme is run by Indian postal service, where you invest Rs 1 lac then your annual interest rate at 8.